We create images

Visual communication is an ancient craftmansship that is even more interesting now than ever. In this era of ”when everyone is a photographer” due to the technical advancement of mobile phone cameras in every mans hand, one can ponder upon if the photographer even is necessary today?

More than ever. Photography is a true craftmansship where the ”push of a button”-part is the tip of the ice berg of knowledge needed to create great photography.

We work within different areas, but always with the same working process: professional project management, great light and a easy going team!


Personal portraiture for magazines, covers, articles, features and fashion. Studio or location, big projects or quick assignments.


Product photography is all about shaping the light as tasteful as possible. Nothing is random, and every gradient is placed with highest precision. Pure fun!

Business portraits

Quantity does not mean lower quality! The background is key for shooting beautiful and natural looking portraiture of many people at a time crunch.


The creation of natural looking lifestyle images is alot like lighting a film set. Good project management is also super important when managing a group of models.


Images commissioned by a brand to set a tone and look that works in advertisements.