Moving images 

Film generate alot of attention. Film communicate directly in a way still images cannot, since it is story based. If the craft is done correctly (both technically and story) it is a very powerful medium where the message really can make an impact.

Bicho Productions AB do all types of film: company stories, web stories, commercials, public relations, business presentations, documentaries, product movies, educational, explainer videos, employer branding, information snippets and so on.

Thanks to our wast network we can produce it all from start to end: script writing, directing, locations, styling, casting, light, photography, sound, editing, grading, music, distribution and so on. Or if you have everything sorted out all ready, we have people ready for single operations as well.

Frame from the film Two White Flowers. © Bicho & Botvidsson


Infomercials is a smart and effective way to get the brand and message out there. Frame above from a Canon infomercial.

Streaming commercials

Since the web became the no 1 place for commercials, this area has exploded. Frame above from a Nordea/Mastercard commercial.


Some brands still use the old fashion linear TV media. Frame above from a Lendo commercial.

TV series

We did 9 episodes of the TV-serie Evas Känslokoll with a crew of only 2 people. Effective. Frame above from Evas Känslokoll.

Music videos

We have made a ton of music videos for various artists. Frame from Markoolio music video.


Annual reports, important events, share owners need a suit saying important stuff. Frame above from Canons CEO revealing something cool.