Book Of Light

Book of light

Learn lighting by learning light.
The Book of Light break down lighting into the fundamental physics and behaviour of light, reveals the secrets behind details we perceive as pleasant daylight, describes how to paint with shadows, the craftsmanship behind lighting portraits, artistic guidelines and thoughts about faces combined with artificial or natural lit backgrounds and all that other good stuff mother nature sometimes does so well by herself. The book goes into deepest detail but is above all written to be inspiring and all compassing. It features plenty of exemplary images, setups, lists of lighting equipment, and David’s thoughts on how and when to use what tool. The book also contains a comprehensive glossary with all must-know lighting terms.

This is the first book about lightning that explain how to control light based on how light actually behaves. Light is not magic. Light is fully understandable. It’s all physics made by mother nature, well defined by Nobel Prize winning scientists but never really described or even nearly explained for photographers and other non-physicists who use light to create visual experiences. The book aims to let creative photographers being even more creative by learning the fundamentals of light and lightning so you can unleash all your visual potential as a visual artists.

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