3 Corner Stones


These are the basic
3 corner stones
behind controlling all light

Perfect for the aspiring photographer, this course will help you to start working with light. I go through the basic light theory of how to control your light, while award-winning portrait photographer Hannah Couzens translates this into something that you can use in everyday practical photography. Together they’ll show you how to create natural beautiful images using the three cornerstones of light: distance, direction and shape.

This short course (only 25 minutes!) is packed with what you need to get started to understand how to control light.

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Profoto Academy

Wait a minute! Is this the big, Fundamental Lighting course?

No, no no… The big course is 3 hours long and gives a much deeper understanding on how to control light. This is a more basic course that brings the most crusial and important aspects of lighting into focus. You know, like a nudge into the right direction so you don’t start to make up all these own theories.

Check out the Big course!