Where the action takes place

The studio is beautifully located at Södermalm in Stockholm City, and this is where all the action takes place. Besides housing our own productions, the studio is also a rental studio for creative externals.

Studio 1 + 2

Studio 1: 183m2 with a cyclorama-corner, 4,95m height to ceiling. The standard crisp white studio can be totally blacked out 360 degrees. Maxed out light control. Of course.

Studio 2:
 Our smaller studio is perfect for portraiture, still life shoots, and for film-projects it is great for housing a custom built set and do the classical Huge Lights Outside The Windows®-thang!

Big productions

Big productions demands for a lot of hang-out-areas for all those waiting people, kitchen-lounge with great working areas for all those working management people, the coffe-brewer needs to be huge and for them food shoot-outs we have a movable kitchen island and a couple of refrigerators, dishwashers, plates, cups, glasses, cutlery and so on. And enough toilets to serve up to 70 people!

Interested in renting the studio?

Get more info by popping over to the Studio Web Site!