Multispigot Quadro


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"-The best of the best. Finally!" /Bingo Rimér

"-I have replaced my entire spigot collection" /Philip Bloom

"-No more spinning in my studio! Wohoo!" /Martin Botvidsson

"Never thought a spigot could bring so much joy!" /Hans Andersson

The stud of all studs
I wanted to evolve what has been around for decades and give it all the features I need in my daily work. A stud that never let flash heads spin, but also is improved in a lot of other ways. Many prototypes later, field testing and tweaking I finally ended up with something of a masterpiece: the Multispigot Quadro. Its called Multi- because it has so many improvements over the original, stupid ones. Quadro for the obvious 4-sides-reason.

Key features
- 4 flat surfaces for maximum pressure point
- 15 mm knurled rod for grip heads
- 2 DropStop faces
- 2 EasyRelease faces
- Camera plate screw head
- Fat center disc
- 4 wire holes for hanging
- 3/8" female thread
- It's BLACK

4 Flat Faces
The 4 sides is flat faces drilled 3 mm down in a round rod. 2 of them have DropStop edges for increased drop security, and 2 have EasyRelease-slots when you prefer a easy removal (no more hate attacks when endless unscrewing doesn't loose the stud). The rod is 15mm ALL the way for maximum surface contact in grip heads, and the rod is of course knurled for even more than maximum grip.

Up Side Down Safety
For those situations with the stud holding stuff up-side-down you really, really want safety, there is a go-through hole so you can screw your lamp head-screw into a safely hanging position instead of a clamping as hard as you can.

Fat Center Disc
The center disc is a rigid piece of disc your flash head firmly can rest on, and the disc have 4 sockets for wire hanging applications. The disc is cut in a way so you easily can see where the flat surfaces are even though the they are hidden by the flash socket. Clever? I know. The fact that the disc has flat edges stops it from rolling down from your table all the time is... well, not priceless but one less thing to keep that blood pressure down.

And more!
The top has a camera plate screw (no more fiddling for coins, keys, teeth or screw drivers) and the bottom has a convenient 3/8" female thread for those situations where you need to mount it on stands/tripods, or on the MultiSpigot Rack to keep them together in the bag.