COURSES: Fundamentals of Lighting

Yes, Internet is flooding with lighting tutorials. Most of them are based on loose home-brewed ideas and mystical theories on how light works - even though standard science have a very solid model of the nature of light. We have, together with Profoto, put together a serie of lighting courses based on the true fundamentals of light.   

After 15+ hectic years of hardcore photographical production on the field, combined with a handful years of successful and sought after workshops on the practical and theoretical sides of artificial lighting - we are proud to present the important foundations of flash light for photographers over 3 video courses!


How to mix flash with ambient light

David shows you how to create perfect shooting conditions and natural-looking images by means of mixing ambient light with flash. 

David photographs a subject in a small indoor space and in a challenging gym environment. He demonstrates how you can easily set the camera for perfect exposure in difficult conditions when mixing flash with ambient light in an easy, safe and controlled way. 

Shooting a Hollywood stunt actress, we see how flash allows us to enhance existing conditions while maintaining a natural feel. We also discover how to use the background to light your image in a natural way. These techniques will change the way you work with light and make your images really stand out.


How to light a face

David demonstrates how to avoid common pitfalls when lighting for portraits. He shows how to make the most of light modifiers and shares numerous ways to light the face. 

Hannah Couzens shows how to apply the techniques in a portrait session. 

David then applies all the lessons from the course in a real-life portrait session with singer Hanna Larsson from the duo Hanna and Andrea. You’ll see how to mix three different lights for a very creative lighting setup.


How to light a background

David creates inspiring cinematic backgrounds, using stunning studio setup and advanced lighting techniques that are easy to implement. 

In an atmospheric dawn shoot, David uses flash with a variety of lighting techniques to enhance the background in an exciting and natural way. In the final fashion scenario, David shoots in a beautifully built studio with a four-light setup. 

You’ll learn the importance of understanding the different types of shadows and how to shape them. David will show you how to control the light pattern and how it impacts contrast.

You can of course get the whole serie at once (all 3 courses), and get a nice package discount. Check it out!